Saint Croix Island International Historic Site

Saint Croix Island, ME

Across from Saint Croix Island International Historic Site, where Europeans first made their presence known in North America during the winter of 1604-05, sit the partially submerged remains of an early 20th century industrial site: the Red Beach Wharf. At its height in the early 1900’s, the Red Beach Industrial Port is estimated to have employed over 400 individuals in both the granite and plaster trades served by the wharf. But all was lost in 1926, when a major fire devastated the area.

Today, all that’s left are timbers of the collapsed wharf, yet they tell an important story nonetheless. So when the National Parks Service that manages the site decided they wanted an accurate 3d laser scan of the remaining timbers, they wasted no time in calling Feldman. In rapid response, we were on site working around tidal conditions that altered by as much as 20 feet twice daily!

For Feldman, it was just another opportunity to get it right from the ground up… even if that meant working at drastically changing sea levels.