Logan Airport Central Heating Plant

Boston, MA

Managed by Massport and responsible for the generation of $7 billion annually for New England’s economy, Boston Logan International Airport is the nation’s 20th busiest when measured in passenger volume. It’s easy to understand, therefore, how its central heating and power plant has grown in size and importance over the years. And by its critical function, the plant cannot be shut down temporarily or taken offline so that survey work can be done.

Of course, as Logan continued to make green improvements and efficiency updates to its central heating plant, the need for one trustworthy set of plans for the facility became increasingly apparent. Imagine having to remove an old boiler and install a new one, but you’re faced with a three-story labyrinth of pipes, ducts, and gantries. That’s why Feldman was proud to supply 3d laser scanning of the plant, including every crawlspace within. It was simply in our nature to deliver the level of meticulous accuracy this project required.